Our home 2009

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Hike to MacAfee's Knob July 4, 2009                                                    

Doug & Jenny at Devils Marbleyard

Cheryl and I were married here in Ouray Colorado in 1989

Jenny and I at Cascades


Action Electrical Service, Inc.


Colorado trip to get Jenny moved in 2014







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Bluff Mountain and Punchbowl Mountain 5 miles
Buffalo Mountain - 2 miles
Bradshaw Rd. hike
North Mountain - Petes Cave - Cocks Comb Rocks
Paxtons Cave 2013
Burkes Garden Hike
Meadow Creek Falls and Sinking Creek Mountain Hike
3 Mountain Lake hikes
High Rocks Hike
North Mountain Hike
Hanging Rock lookout
Little Rocky Row Hike
Pompey Mountain Hike
Threesome Falls hike
Colorado 2013
Great Channels of VA. hike
James River and Apple Orchard Falls hikes
Potts Arm and Cove Branch Trails
Mill Creek and Dismal Falls Hikes
Matts Creek Hike
Sprouts Run and Wilson Mountain Hike
Crabtree Falls Hike
Poor Farm Cave 2013
Paxtons Cave Jan. 2012
Falling Creek Cascades Hike
Misc Hikes and Caves 2012-2013
MacAfees Knob Hike
Misc. Cave pics
Scurf Mountain Hike
Mill Creek Hike in Narrows
Hike off  Bradshaw Rd.
Poor Farm Cave
Cave Pics for Marian
Big House Mountain Hike
Pipestem Waterfall Hikes
Salt Log Gap to Tar Jacket Ridge
Goshen Pass Hike
Spy Rock and Crabtree Falls Hike
Meadow Creek Falls and Sinking Creek Mountain Hike
Surpher Ridge loop 5.5 miles
Buffalo Mountain Hike - Floyd County
St. Mary's Falls Hike 7/26/14
Pattons Cave 7/19/14
Hanging Rock State Park NC Hikes
Bath County Hikes
Rich Hole Hike
Jennys College Graduation 2014
Laurel Run Hike near Goshen Pashttp://felleronline.com/http://felleronline.com/s
Angels Rest Hike - Summer 2014http://felleronline.com/
SNP Hikes
2014 Kentucky Derby
Humpback Rock, Staunton Cave, White Rock Falls
Eagle Rock Hike
Buchanan Trail 2014
Potts Mountain Hike
Alabama 2014
Alta Mons winter 2-16-14 Hike
Falls near Beuna Vistra
Sulpher Ridge Hike winter 2013
Buffalo Mountain - winter 2013
Bluff Mountain Hike
Green Hill Snow Hike2013
Big and Little House Mountain winter 2014 hike
Rocky Row Hike 8/3/14
Stone Mouhttp://felleronline.com/ntain NC
Rich Hole 9/7/14
Pilot Mountain NC
New River Gorge  10/25/14
Low Moor Cave  11/3/14
Roaring Run 2/22/15
Roaring Run 2/28/15
West VA Waterfalls 3/7/15
Barneys Wall ands Cascades 3/16/15
SNP Waterfalls 3/28/15
Paxtons Cave 5/17/15
Grayson Highlands - Ponies and Gully Creek in Cumberland Knob Rec. Area 5/30/15
Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve 6/6/15
Hanging Rock NC Hike 7.25.15
Grayson Highlands SP VA. 7.18.15
SNP 7-25-15
SNP 8-1-15
Mt. Pleasant Hike 8-10-15
Colorado 8-24-15
Nutters Mountain hike 8-30-15
Strickler Knob hike 9-6-15
North Mountain Hike 9-13-15
Twin Falls SP WV 10-4-15
Hawks Nest SP WV. 10-11-15
Hungry Mother SP VA. Hike 10-17-15
Big Schloss Hike 10-24-15
The Priest Hike VA. 10-31-15
Brush Creek Falls WV 11-5-15
Lake Robertson Hike 11-8-15
Pilot Mountain NC 11-28-15
SNP Turk Mountain Trail 12-5-15
Cold Mountain VA. 12-12-15
Colorado Christmas 2015
Stone Mountain NC 1-2-16
Potts Arm Trail 01-10-16
New River Cave 1-15-16
Peachtree Falls and Twin Falls WV. 1.30.16
SNP Loft -Hightop Mtn. 2.6.16
Short Hills , VA. 2.28.16
Hunts Cave, WV 2.21.16
Little Stoney Creek Trail 3/5/16
Tibbet Knob 3-12-16
Lowmoor Cave 3-19-16
Falls of Hills Creek 3-26-16
Duncan Knob 4-2-16
Pinnacle (Buena Vista) 4-10-16
New River Gorge Waterfalls and overlooks 4-16-16
Huckleberry Ridge Hanging Rock State Park NC 4-23-16
Blue Ridge Winery Cave Hunting 4-30-16
2016 Kentucky Derby Race 5-7-16
East Tennessee Waterfalls 5-14-16
Mill Creek 9.2 mile hike (Narrows, VA.) 5-28-16
Spy Rock and Crabtree Falls 6-4-16
Butcher and Craig Branch Falls 6/11/16
Smokehole Cave 6/18/16
West VA. Zipline 6/19/16
Shenendoah NP - North and South Marshall Mtn.  and Buzzard Rock 6-25-16
Little Devils Stairs 7-2-16
Bear Church Rocks 7/10/16
Abrams Falls and Blue Hole Tn. 7/16/16
Goshen Pass 7/23/16
Hanging Rock SP NC 7-30-16
Big House Mountain 8/7/16
Colorado August 2016
Little and Big Schloss Mountains 8/28/16
Devils Bathtub Hike 9/3/16
Moorman River Hike 9/10/16
SSS and Norman Caves 9-17-16
Bird Knob Hike 9/24/16
Gentry Falls Hike 10/1/16
Meadow Creek Falls 10/9/16
Massenutten Mountain 10/15/16
Low Moor Cave 10/22/16
Stairway To Heaven Hike 10/29/16
Whitetop Mounain and Grayson Highlands 11/5/16
Poor Farm Cave WV 11/19/16
Tennessee Trip to see Jamie 11/25/16
Endless Wall Hike - New River Gorge WV 11/26/16
Catawba Murder Hole Cave - 12/3/16
Kennedy Peak  Hike 12/10/16
Paxtons Cave 12-17-16
Lost Cliffs 12/31/16

Stricklers Knob and Storybrook 1-21-17
Twin Falls 1-27-17
Naked Creek - Bettys Rock SNP 1-28-17
Brumley Trail - Buzzard Rock 2-4-17
Hazel Falls - Storybrook Hikes 2-11-17
Watersinks Cave and Owl Cave 2-18-17
North Mountain to Petes Cave Hike 2-26-17
Three Top and Big Rock Mountain 3-4-17
Marr Falls and Laurel Falls - Honey Branch Falls Hikes 3-11/17
AdCox Lake and dam Hike 3/18/17
Dobie Mountain SNP 3/25/17
Overall Falls SNP 4/1/17
New River Gorge Falls - Coal Branch-Craig Branch-Butcher Branch Falls 4/8/17
Brush Creek Falls 4/10/17
Crossroads Cave - Blue Suck Falls 4/22/17
Mill Creek Narrows VA 4/25/17
Via Ferrata WV - Trout Cave, Hamilton Cave and Keys (Kees) Cave VAR 4/26-4/28/17
Mill Creek Narrows VA. 5/7/17
Fern Creek Falls, Keeney Creek Falls, Short Creek Falls WV 5-13-17
Breathing Cave - 5-20-17
Cascades and Barneys Wall Hike 5-27-17
Crabtree Meadows and Pinnacle Ridge Hike  5-29-17
Hancock Cave 6-4-17
Lower Hoop Hole LoopHike  6-4-17
James Cave 6-17-17
Falls Ridge Hike in Ironto 6-18-17
Lands Run Falls - Compton Peak - SNP 6-24-17
Cheryl and I at Grayson Highlands SP finding the wild Ponies 6-28-17
Tory's Den Trail - Hanging Rock SP NC 7-1-17
SNP Big Rocker Falls - Rappidan Camp - Miller Head -Powell Gap Hikes 7-8-17
New River State Park Hike - Foster Falls and Gambetta to Fries Hike 7-15-17
Greenville Saltpeter Cave 7-16-17
St. Marys River Hike  7-22-17
Cascade Falls NC and Elk Knob Summit Hike 7-29-17
Halfmoon Mountain Hike and Falls Run Falls Hike 8/5/17  Near Woodstock Va.
Colorado August 2017
Bluff Mtn. Hike and Panther Falls Hike 8-20-17
SNP Loft Mtn, and Rocky Mt. HightTop Mtn Hikes 8-26-17
Comers Falls and Grayson Highlands SP 9-2-17
Flat Top Hike 9-9-17
Paxtons Cave 9-16-17
Sceneca Rocks area VAR 9-23-17
High Knob Hike and Fridleys Gap Loop Hike 9-30-17
Keplers Knob Overlook Hike 10/7/17
Cheryl and I at Hanging Rock on Potts Mountain 10/8/17
Big Branch Loop-Sandstone Falls - Grandview NRGorge 10-14-17
Chery and I at Sandstone Falls and Grandview WV 10-17-17
Furnace Mountain and Bear Den Mountain VA Hike 10-28-17
Rams Head - Mash Fork and Campbell Falls 11-4-17
Terrapin Mountain Trail  11-11-17
Kaymoor Mine Trail WV 11-18-17
Torry Ridge Shernando Lake Hikes 11-25-17
Paxtons Cave 12-2-17
Griffith Knob Hike 12-16-17
Cheryl and I on Griffith to Milboro Jeep trail 12-17-17
Visited Jenny in Colorado December 2017


Starnes Cave 1-20-18
Scott Hollow Cave 1/27/18
Rocky Mount Hike SNP 2-3-18
Rapps Cave 2-17-18
Lost World Cave WV 3-3-18
Buffalo Mountain, VA. 3-4-18

Peters Creek Falls, Laurel Creek Falls, and Ramsey Falls WV 3-10-18

Apple Orchard Falls 3-25-18

Scott Hollow Cave 3-31-18

Sulphur Springs Trail Petites Gap VA. 4-8-18

Confluence Falls - Ramsey Falls WV Trails 4-14-18

North Mountain Petes Cave VA trail 4-21-18

Lost World Caverns WV wild cave trip 4-22-18

Elliotts Knob VA Hike 4/28/18

Scout trip to Crossroads Cave 5-12-18

Mill Creek Hike Narrows VA. 5-20-18

Claypool Falls and Big Branch Look trail WV 5-26-18

Stone Mountain NC 5-26-18

Dicks Creek Falls and Red Fork Falls TN. 6-9-18

Butlers Cave 6-16-18

Dickeys Knob and Comer Falls 6-23-18

Turk Mountain-Blackrock Summit 6-30-18

Dickeys Ridge SNP VA Hike-Windum Rocks-Lands Run Falls 7-7-18

Peters Creek Falls, Laurel Creek Falls, Ramsey Falls WV 3-10-18

Snake Mountain NC 7-14-18

Ferrier Trail VA, Lick Run Trail W/ Cheryl 

Kellys Knob with Cheryl 7-8-18

Sulphur Ridge Trail - with Cheryl and dogs 7-15-18

Robertson Mountain SNP VA 7-21-18

Sulpher Ridge loop trail Fincastle 7-15-18

Masons Branch, Bucklick Branch, Pirates Cove Falls WV 8-4-18

Colorado Trip August 2018

Falls Branch and Hemlock Branch Falls WV 8-25-18

Perrys Saltpetre Cave VA. 8-26-18

Crystal Springs and High Rocks Wytheville, VA. 9-1-18

Lower Hoop Hole Loop Trail 9-3-18

Moormans River Hike to Big Branch Falls 9-22-18


Mt. Pleasant Hike 2-2-19




































Doug Feller