Caving & Hiking

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Poor Farm Cave

Pattons Cave 7/19/2014

Paxtons 2/19/11

Poor Farm Cave 4/20/13

Organ-Lipps 03/18/2011

Roaring Run 03/13/2011

Porters Scout Trip 03/12/2011

Paxtons Cave 02/19/2011

Porters Cave 12/18/2010

Poor Farm Cave 11/20/10

Bridge Day Hike 10/16/2010 Larry and Aaron Moses and I went to Bridge Day 2010.  First we hiked the Endless Wall Trail along the rim of the New River gorge.

Catawba Murder Hole 9/25/10

Starnes Cave 9/2010 Grotto trip to Starnes.

Rehobeths Church Cave 2010

SW Desertscapes Aug 2010 Cheryl, Jenny and I SW US trip.

Roaring Run 03/13/2011  Doug Feller at Stephens Gap Cave, Alabama (taken by Rick Shortt)

Porters Cave 7/18/2010

Frog Hollow Cave 4/24/2010

Black Forest Pit 4/17/2010

Carvins Cove 4/10/2010Susan, Pat and I hiked up Rocky Branch to the AT then bushwhacked back to the boat dock.

Paxtons Cave 4/3/2010 Nikki, Chris, Peter, Aaron, Doug had a fun 6 hours in Paxtons Cave.

Ft. Lewis Mtn, 3/13/2010 Dave Wickersham, Shane Ashby, Rick Shortt and Doug Feller hiking up Ft. Lewis Mtn, to summit.

Snow Hiking 2/13/2010 Hiking at Crockett Springs near Shawsville

  Doug rappelling into 80' New Castle Murder Hole Cave, Craige County VA. (taken by Aaron Moses)

Crossroads Cave 1/16/2010Fun trip to Crossroads Cave with Susan Burr, Carl Cornett, Pat Sims, Dave Socky, Chris and Doug Feller.

Bottom Creek Gorge 12/12/2009 Bottom Creek Gorge hike.  Carl Cornett, Larry Moses, Aaron Moses, Susan Burr, Randy Michael and Doug Feller.

Scott Hollow Cave 11/21/2009

Cascades-Barneys Wall 11/14/09

Narrows Hike 11/7/09  Randy and I hiked up Mill Creek out of Narrows, VA.  We got the idea from Rick Shortt.  Nice stream and waterfall. 

Oct-Nov 2009Checked out Black Forest Pit and Hiked Cold Mountain Trail.

October Hikes

Sept. Hikes Susan, Randy and Doug on hikes to Peaks of Otter and to Price Mountain and Sulphur Spring trail 5.5 mile loop.

Apple Orchard Falls Hike 9/6/2009Randy, Pat, Susan and Doug hiking the 7.3 mile loop.

Smoky Mountain Hiking 8/18/2009 Randy and I hiking to waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains.

Rehobeth Church Cave 8/01/2009We had to dig logs out of the entrance to get in but the water level was actually down despite all the rain in the past week.

Iron Ore Trail 7/25/2009 Susan Burr, Randy Micheal, Pat Sims and Doug Feller hiked the Iron Ore and Roaring Run Trails. 

BRG Canoe Trip 7/18/2009 Brian Williams led canoe trip down the Smith River

Scott Hollow Cave 06/21/2009Matt Lair, Dave Socky, Pat Sims, Susan Burr, Carl Alls and Doug Feller did the North Passage in Scott Hollow.  It was almost a 7 hour trip.

Rufe Caldwell Cave 04/04/2009 Bob Alderson, Dave Socky, Alan Staton and Doug Feller did a bat count at Rufe Caldwell Cave.

Devils Marbleyard 3/21/2009 March Grotto trip was a hike to the Devils Marbleyard.

Tawney's Cave 2/22/2009 Boy Scout trip to Tawney's Cave

Carvins Cove Hike 2/8/2009Carvins Cove Hike

Read Mtn, Trail 1/1/2009 Randy Micheal and I hiked up the new Read Mtn. trail on new years day.

Porters Cave 12/20/2008 Grotto trip to the Big Slit section of Porters cave.

Water Sinks Cave 11/23/2008 Phil Lucas gave us a tour of his own Water Sinks Cave.

Porters Cave 11/2/2008We helped Cox Cable with a cave program.

Glider Ride 10/4/2008Cole Frantz took Randy and I up in her glider.

Fall VAR 2008This includes pictures of the Paxtons Cave Trip on 9/20/2008.

Lost World Caverns/Grapevine Pit 8/24/2008  Another fun trip to Grapevine Pit. 

Buddy Penleys Cave 8/10/08

Goodwins Cave 7/5/08The yearly girl scout - caving trips have dwindled down over the years from over 20 scouts to just 2 scouts this time - Jenny Feller and Caryn Martin.

Newberry-Baines Crossover Trip 6/29/08Fun trip in one of my favorite caves.

Poor Farm Cave 6/21/08Greenbriar County W-VA. Cavers: Carl Cornett, Todd Martin, Aaron Moses, Pat Sims, Susan Burr, Amy Faub and Doug Feller.

VAR-SERA 6/6-6/8/2008   Franklin Pit, Parsons Cave, Blowing entrance to the Omega System, Spurlock Cave, Baileys Pit, Caines Cave and Millers Cave.  Article at: on page 32.                                                                                               

Poor Farm Cave 5/17/2008 Pocahontas County West VA. Aaron Moses, Susan Burr, Pat Sims, Cole Frantz, John Semones and Doug Feller.

Porters Cave 5/31/08 Susan Burr, Carl Alls, Amy Faub, Paul & Melanie Stern, Chuck Waller, Sunny and Doug

Grapevine-Lost World CaveTrip report at: on page 22.

Black Bear Plunge and A-1 Caves

Botetourt County 3/9/2008

Clark's Cave 2/16/2008Susan, Pat and Doug.

Organ-Lipps 1/19/2008

Helectite Cave Nov. 2004Phil Lucas led a great trip into his own Helectite Cave.  Thanks Phil!

Cave Spring Cave 6/16/2007

Caving Fun! Caving Fun pictures were taken by Doug Feller, Aaron Moses, Rick Shortt and Carl Cornett.

From Old SlidesFrom old slides with James Wellman and Dave Socky. Cheryl Feller, Bill & Miriam Cuddington, Dick Graham and more.

More Old Slides

Neversink 5/2007

Paxtons Cave 12/16/2007

Friars Hole Cave 12/22/2007

Paxtons Cave Jan. 2005Randy Michael and I took my daughter Jenny and Sarah Perez to Paxtons Cave.

Pig Hole Cave Nov. 2004

TAG Oct 2004

Black Rock Hike 3/2/2008

New River Valley Grotto  New River Valley caving club.

Blue Ridge Grotto  Caving club in the Roanoke area.

National Speleological Society

Header image taken in Helectite Cave. Picture

below taken by Aaron Moses at Pig Hole Cave.


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